WOODEN IDEAS by BARTL -- Wooden swords made from natural materials from Germany.

GOKI wooden toys from Gollnest & Kiesel are well known in Europe for high-quality craftsmanship at a fair price.  The functional design and contemporary colors are distinguishing features of the brand together with the eye-catching packaging.  Good wooden toys such as those from Goki provide for the development of motor, sensory and tactile skills. 

Gollnest & Kiesel is also the source for the ANKER line of building sets of man-made stone.  For over 130 years, these 100% natural blocks have been made by hand from a formula of quartz sand, linseed oil, color pigments and chalk.  In addition to the well-known traditional sets, there is also a more colorful junior line intended for children.


​HEIMESS wooden baby toys are quality products that are manufactured to a large degree by hand.  They have been made in Germany for more than fifty years.  Only high-grade materials are used, such as indigenous woods (maple and beech) from sustainable forests, any metal parts are of stainless steel, and the finishes are non-toxic, water-based paints and dyes.  

HOLZTIGER wooden figures from Gollnest & Kiesel are handcrafted in Europe of maple and beech hardwoods from sustainable forests.  They are timeless and beautifully styled, using only non-toxic, water-based finishes, and the quality is exceptional.  There are hundreds of items, including all sorts of animal and people figures that allow a child's imagination to develop while playing. 






Roy Toy building sets are made in the USA, and were originally established in the 1930’s.  The pieces are all wood, made of pine trees harvested from sustainable US forests, dyed with a food-approved dye, sanded to a smooth finish, and meet all safety standards.  Building plans are included, but the sets can be configured in an unlimited number of ways for hours of imaginative play.  Choose from nostalgic sets from the 1930’s, canister and tub sets, and earth-friendly all-natural sets.


We're proud to present a line of fine wooden marionettes, animated wooden sculptures to delight, entertain and amuse. Sturdily constructed of hardwood, felt, fabric and leather. All of the marionettes achieve an exciting, magically realistic movement with a simple, one-hand operation.


All natural and organic  wooden teether toys for babies & teether necklaces for mommies.