Our Products

EXPLEARN TOYS - Classic wooden toys to creative crafts, building blocks, puzzle boards, pretend play, and games. They use a variety of wood depending on the toy type. Most commonly used woods are Pine wood, Rubber wood and Beech wood. (India)

FIVE K LTD - High quality European toy, STEM and baby gear brands designed to benefit the development of the hearts and minds of our children today! From imaginative pretend play sets encouraging role play to inspiring creativity with safe and organic arts + crafts sets to exciting the tinkering minds of our future engineers with educational construction kits, Five K Ltd is proud to provide the highest quality toys from the highest quality European brands that both kids and parents want to play, build and expand creative minds with!

  • Eitech (Made In Germany) 
  • Teifoc (Made In Germany) 
  • Anbac (Made In Germany) 
  • Fischertechnik (Made In Germany) 
  • SES Creative (Made In Holland)
  • New Classic Toys (Designed In Holland) 
  • Bubabloon (Designed In UK) 

FRACTILES – Magnetic Tiling toys. (USA)

FUNKY PLANET– RC Vehicles and drones. (China)

ROY TOY – Earth-Friendly Wooden Log Construction sets (USA)

TEETHER TOYS– All natural and organic wooden teether toys for babies and teether necklace for Moms. (USA)

VELCRO® Brand BLOCKS® Construction Sets- The Velcro Companies have married soft foam with fastening dots that make our construction sets safe and forgiving for little hands to assemble,   adjust and create.  Connect them together easily with no glues or snaps.