ANKER – Building sets of man-made stone.  For over 130 years, these 100% natural blocks have been made by hand from a formula of      quartz sand, linseed oil, color pigments and chalk.  In addition to the well-known traditional sets, there is also a more colorful junior line intended for children. (Germany)

FISH RIVER CRAFTS – Handcrafted Wooden Marionettes. (USA)

FRACTILES — Magnetic tiling toys (USA)

FUNKY PLANET — RC vehicles and drones (China)

GLOB — Eco-friendly art supplies, specializing in craft paints and Easter egg dyes made from fruits & veggies. Glob also offers the only natural, non-nano face paints available. Glob's products are sourced from natural, recyclable and biodegradable materials. (USA)

GOKI — Wooden toys, puzzles, games (China); Wooden trucks (Europe)

HAPPY CUBE-- The Happy Cube 3D puzzle is based on a simple concept. It's ingenious, but suitable for all ages. The 2 and 3-D foam puzzle has become a bestselling classic amongst educational puzzles. (Belgium)

HEIMESS — Wooden baby toys (Germany)

HOLZTIGER — Wooden figures/toys (Romania)

LaQ — Innovative and creative construction toy (Japan)

PLAY MAIS---PlayMais is an all natural crafting toy that is 100% biodegradable and doesn't impact the environment. It's made from corn grits and water, and colored with food coloring (Germany)

ROY TOY — Earth-friendly wooden log construction sets (USA)

SMART PLAY/INGENIO —  Educational toys and puzzles (China)

SUPER SPROWTZ — Superhero vegetable puppets and books (books USA, puppets China)

TEETHER TOYS -  All natural and organic wooden teether toys for babies and teether necklaces for Moms.  (USA)

THE YOUNG SCIENTISTS CLUB - Science based hands-on games, activities and experiments for ages 3 and up. (China)

WOODEN IDEAS by Bartl — Wooden swords and shields.  (Europe)

​​​    Chalais Associates is a toy manufacturers' representative organization providing products to the specialty retail trade in the state of California.  We try to offer lines that are made in Europe and the USA, where possible, that have good play value, are original in concept, and are manufactured to a high standard.   

This site shows samples of a number of the lines represented -- they can be viewed by clicking on the categories above.

​We represent the following toy manufacturers, also aimed at the specialty toy market.  We hope to encourage retailers to stock new and innovative items in addition to the more established brands.